The D&D World I’m Building: The Magnificent Mimic Inn and Tavern

Near the Traveler’s Gate, the most used entrance to the Imperial capitol city of Calliasha, on the Grand Boulevard that runs from the Gate to the Imperial Palace, there is a tavern and inn called the Magnificent Mimic. It is actually run by, and partially formed by, a mimic colony that decided there were better ways to get what they wanted, and it’s a very popular destination.

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Transitions: It’s been a while. And what a while it’s been.

I know it has. I haven’t posted in a few years.  And there are a lot of reasons.

  • A dearth of creative flow.
  • Mental health issues.
  • Letting myself believe writing wasn’t “that important”.

But at the end of the day, it was just me getting tired of dealing with myself.  And then the madness that was Life In The Time Of COVID-19 happened. Click to continue reading.

What Worth – a Juliette d’Aubigniy tale


Juliette d’Aubigniy sighed. She had been enjoying a glass of good wine and the attention of a young lady that promised to lead to a very lively evening (especially since the gentleman with the lady was coming around to the idea that he might enjoy giving and receiving the attentions of the two ladies) and then this. Click to continue reading.

The Final Run – A Shadowrun Universe Story

Gregory Darwin – Grondanar – was my first Shadowrun character. Strong and huge, we joked that if they made a prebuilt archetype for him it would be “Troll Bunker”. He carried a huge backpack so that when the team mage inevitably passed out from spellcasting, we could just put him into the rucksack and keep going until he woke up. He also got some bioware to increase his intelligence, took some correspondence courses, got a license for real estate, laundered a lot of his gains as Grondanar to the accounts of Gregory Darwin, and ended up getting into construction.

By current game year of 2080, though, he’s pretty elderly for a troll, and I thought it would be nice to start a campaign by making one of his fondest wishes come true.

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