Meliantha: War VI, The First Battle of the Irregulars Published.

Meliantha’s first real battle as a commander, leading the Irregulars, is out!

You can read it at this link on Archive of Our Own, and all the stories are linked on the Meliantha page.

We’ve also introduced a few people we’re hopefully going to see later, and who are going to be very important to Meliantha later.

Thank you for your time spent reading.

Back to the Well: Returning to the Meliantha stories

I haven’t written much on her stories for a while, I know.

But I’m finding a bit of inspiration lately, and I want to get writing again. I’m going to start up again and start releasing things again. There’s a bit of story there, with the war that she’s gotten herself recruited into helping lead people in, and more after it.  I want to get it out.

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