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Taeliana, The D&D World I’m Building: The Gods

So, like entirely too many D&D gamerunners, I’m in the process of building my own game world for running adventures in. 

I’ve tentatively named it “Taeliana” and I’m building stuff for it on WorldAnvil. (No link, I haven’t gotten there yet.) I’ve been working on the creation myth, so I can get all the deities set up, and also put something to explain why they used to manifest all the time and now don’t.  I’ve also made it clear that there’s a threat to the world that’s a sort of Transcendent Evil.

There are four tiers of gods:

    • the Primals
    • the Greater Gods and the Elemental Lords
    • the Lesser Gods
    • the Saints, Intercessors, and City Gods

The Primals are almost beyond comprehension by mortals, just that they exist.  There are five: the Maker, the Ender, the Ordainer, the Changer, and the Corrupter.  The others are in some way descended or were created by the others, except the Corrupter.  The Corrupter was created when the Maker and the Ender tried to create a god, and due to being the antithesis of each other, it . . . did not go well, and the Corrupter ripped out parts of some of the other gods and got its own  Corrupt Pantheon.

The Greater Gods are the Tree (God of plants), the Beastlord (god of animals), the Librarian (god of knowledge), and the Reaper (god of Death).  The Corrupt Pantheon includes the Defacer (god of ignorance), the Rabid (the god of diseases and madness), and the Rot (the god of decay and spoilage).  The Librarian opposes the Defacer, The Tree directly opposes the Rot, and the Beastlord opposes the Rabid. The Elemental Lords rule the four Elemental Planes.

The Primal and Greater Gods eventually went to war and ripped the Corrupter and its pantheon out of the world and sent it to the Outer Planes.  The Corrupter itself fell beyond the Lower Planes where it is what most long-term players would call the Far Realm. Its Corrupt Pantheon landed in the lower planes, bringing corrupted servants with it, and creating them as we know the Great Circle multiverse today.

In order to minimize the possible issues, the four Primal Gods build the Godswall, which doesn’t allow any actual god to manifest. that’s why they have saints and intercessors.  The City Gods are just very special, very limited entities.

As far as PCs are concerned, there’s no Detect Good, Detect Evil, or even Detect Law and Chaos.  There’s Detect Corruption, and that’s it.

I need to get back to work on it, but these are just some things I’ve been working on with it.  And yes, some ideas are borrowed and then remixed, but so many things have been.

Besides, there’s still stuff to talk about the City Gods, and the Saints, and the Feywild, and the Invasion… 

So much to talk about the history.

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