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What We’re Up To: Happy Anniversary!

Last week was my ninth wedding anniversary. My darling wife Sellesta and I celebrated it with little pomp and circumstance, excepting that we ordered in our favorite meal and had a very nice evening.

And we got each other some presents, because, of course.

She got me a Cricut Joy! Lovely little device, good for some of the making stuff I want to be doing, and since she got it for me and gave it to me early, I used it to make the card for her. 

For my part, I got her the Akira 35th Anniversary Box Set, which she’d been wanting since it came out in 2017.  I also got her a Loungefly Minnie Mouse Mini Backpack in Polka Dot Denim, which she had sitting on her wish list for a while.

I’m still job hunting, so hopefully something soon (or maybe I’ll go viral for something and start raking in megabucks… Nah, probably not.)


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