Transitions: Medication update

After a bunch of time and waiting, I finally got my medications in order properly again. Which is nice.  I also added in one more.

I previously was on Spironolactone (while the main use of it is for blood pressure control, it’s also a testosterone suppressant) and Estradiol (estrogen).

Now, I’ve added progesterone (another hormone) to the array.

It’s been interesting – I take the spiro and half the Estradiol in the morning, and the rest of the estradiol and the progesterone in the evening, before bed.  Add into it the array of other medications I take, and I need to keep track of things.

I’m also now tracking my food and figuring out how to exercise more, so my body may be changing in the next while more than I expected. 

I just need to get a cheap sword to do the Forza exercises with…

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