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My Morning, revisted.

Trigger Warning: medication, illness, discussion of mental illness.

A few years ago I did a post about things I had to do in the morning, and since that’s changed, I thought I’d update it a bit.

Some things haven’t changed – I still have to deal with my diabetes, so it’s checking my blood sugars, then take my insulin.

Lancet, test strips, meter, syringe, insulin

I even use the same meter, because it really does what I need and works really well.

After that, I take my pills. There’s currently four:


  • Duloxetine, the generic for Cymbalta.
  • Lisinopril, for blood pressure.
  • Spironolactone, a testosterone suppressant. (It’s also used for blood pressure, but my use is for the T pushing down.)
  • Estradiol, an estrogen supplement.
  • Not pictured is a multivitamin.

From this array, you can probably guess that I have depression and high blood pressure, and you’d be right.

I’m also considering a change to my morning schedule, including getting up earlier, doing more exercise, and also making sure I take care of my body every day. That would include showering, shaving, and moisturizing my face, so I can improve my appearance as well.

Exercises would probably involve resistance bands, and maybe, just maybe, the Forza exercises based on kenjutsu (because I think it would be fun).

I’m in a process of changing, and I’m hoping to use it to make things better for me.

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