Tales of Meliantha, the Demon-Blood Blade

Greetings, traveler.  Have you come far?

Meliantha Headshot Ah, you come here looking for tales of the Demon-Blood Blade, Meliantha?  Well, as you can see, here at the Demon’s Gullet, we have a bard who knows all her tales. Indeed, we were with her in the war against the Banites, and she was a patron for many years. Alas, she hasn’t been seen in a while, but there’s a chair at a table, there, waiting for her return.

I’m sure if you ask Louellia for a story, she can tell one of Meliantha, and her deeds.

But first, sir, there is a requirement of buying a drink… ah, thank you.

Have a good night!

Her early years: To the Realms, A Child [AO3 Mirror]

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