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A Gaming Story: Star Wars RPG Time!

I’ve been running a Star Wars RPG the past couple of months (we missed gaming a few sessions, due to stuff like Labor Day and me feeling sick), and the second adventure is going on right now.

The first one basically was getting the party together by the expedient method of “So we just blew up the (first) Death Star and now we are leaving!!”, which has served me very well in the past.  I opened with this:

I just LOVE the idea of tossing it together like that, getting the characters who may not even know each other at all into a situation where they have to work together without even knowing each other.

The first one had them go to a station in Hutt Space to find someone that the Rebel leadership hoped could be recruited into the Rebellion. Well, they did that, made a mess, and left really fast for a gathering point. 

…and I dumped them into a murder mystery.

This last session was abbreviated, but let me do something I was hoping to do, with them finding who they believe to be the killer holding a detonation switch. Just as one of the players had to go.

A perfect 1930s-pulp-movie cliffhanger.

I am so happy right now.

I really adore running the D6 System Star Wars RPG. I honestly do.  It’s a quick and easy-to-understand system, and lets me get into the story and the universe without the rules bogging things down badly. While I enjoy Pathfinder, love Champions, and can have fun with a bunch of other game systems, this is the system closest to my heart.

If you’d like a look at it for yourself, you can go to and look at the books they have there.  They also have a revised version of the rules (which I am using) called Star Wars ReUP, which brings in information from the Prequel Trilogy (all of these other books were released before they even existed!).

This system was so influential that when Timothy Zahn was going to write the first Star Wars novels in a couple of decades, the Thrawn Trilogy, Lucasfims actually sent him one of everything that West End Games had created. That’s a hell of a legacy for a game.

I ran the D20/Saga edition, but it seemed to just be lacking something. I have read through the newest version, but it doesn’t grab me.  This system?  This is the system I enjoy running, even over Discord instead of in the basement computer lab with a bunch of other people, trying to keep track of who did what and what’s going on and how the heck did we actually get here…

I’m glad to be back to it.

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