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Sorry about earlier…

…if you were trying to reach the place, I managed to blow up my access and, well, the site stopped loading.

Thankfully, support at Dreamhost helped fix me up. The tech also gave me some tips for speeding things up, so I’m going to be poking around with that too.

I really do recommend them for hosting. If you want a new account here, please feel free to use my Referral Code. And you can tell them I sent you, although they may not know who I am.

Hopefully a new story will be out tonight or tomorrow, with Lady Mara showing off a bit of her skills – if not tonight, tomorrow. Thanks for reading!

Some quick notes

  1. I’m going to try to start writing some stories more often – move to every other day, then to every day after I get in the swing of it. So expect more content soon.
  2. I’m still job-hunting.
  3. I don’t think I’m up for a Patreon kind of thing, but I set up a ko-fi account for a little spare change, if you want to send me a little something.

Carrying on.

I keep workingI keep working on things. Did some coloring, still working on them. Still looking for work.

I went to Wal-Mart today to get some insulin. I need to get some insurance, so I can get the good stuff instead of what I got. It’ll do well enough, but I would prefer to have my usual stuff.

I just need to keep carrying on. It’s what need to do – keep going.

Used IMVU to get images for Mindy and Imago. I also need to update Imago to explain why she uses that name.

Also installed a two-factor authorizer on here, because I wanted to improve things to keep the jerks from Brazil and Taiwan out.


I decided to mess about with the theme on the site. I think I like this one a bit better.

I also mailed a survey to my gaming group to see what they want me to run, and got a very nice offer of someone’s spare Starfinder book in case I wanted to run that. I guess I’ll be reading up on that.