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Meliantha Story: War VI, The First Battle of the Irregulars Published.

Meliantha’s first real battle as a commander, leading the Irregulars, is out!

You can read it at this link on Archive of Our Own, and all the stories are linked on the Meliantha page.

We’ve also introduced a few people we’re hopefully going to see later, and who are going to be very important to Meliantha later.

Thank you for your time spent reading.

Back to the Well: Returning to the Meliantha stories

I haven’t written much on her stories for a while, I know.

But I’m finding a bit of inspiration lately, and I want to get writing again. I’m going to start up again and start releasing things again. There’s a bit of story there, with the war that she’s gotten herself recruited into helping lead people in, and more after it.  I want to get it out.

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The Final Run – A Shadowrun Universe Story

Gregory Darwin – Grondanar – was my first Shadowrun character. Strong and huge, we joked that if they made a prebuilt archetype for him it would be “Troll Bunker”. He carried a huge backpack so that when the team mage inevitably passed out from spellcasting, we could just put him into the rucksack and keep going until he woke up. He also got some bioware to increase his intelligence, took some correspondence courses, got a license for real estate, laundered a lot of his gains as Grondanar to the accounts of Gregory Darwin, and ended up getting into construction.

By current game year of 2080, though, he’s pretty elderly for a troll, and I thought it would be nice to start a campaign by making one of his fondest wishes come true.

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Wrong Turn – an Eiko story

The moment she woke up, Eiko Takashima knew things were weird.

She was lying on something that was hard, warm, and slightly angled. In fact, her feet were hanging off into space. Her face was warm, her eyelids had light shining through them, and her hands felt oddly heavy. She then remembered that she was wearing the BREAQER gauntlets, and then the memory came flooding back.

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Corporate Activity: An Eiko Story

Eight Months Ago:

“Madame,” the great grey eminence thundered, “your corporation has not gone unnoticed. You have accumulated too much power and wealth for someone like you,” and here he sneered, “to be allowed to go unhindered. You will sell stock in your company, you will allow us to change it as we will, and you will stop this ridiculous idea that your corporation should help people instead of making greater profits! If you do not, we will break you, we will destroy your company, and then, just to make it perfectly clear to everyone what happens when you defy us, we will have you killed. We’ve done it before.” Click to continue reading.