Thoughts on a Champions character

For one of my recent stories getting a character back in place, I created a new antagonist, Mister Blasphemy.

He’s been created as an antihero and rival for The Night, one of my Champions characters.

I did this image of him (it’s terrible, but it’s all my work):

The mask of Mister Blasphemy

yes, he looks creepy and his mask looks weird – that’s the point. he’s not one of these supervillains with a fortune and a grudge. He’s got the grudge… and a disability payment.

He was an altar-boy who was molested in the big church scandal, even after it broke (and some priests weren’t revealed yet), and it gave him significant PTSD and a huge anxiety disorder. He’s a shut-in.

He created the persona of Mister Blasphemy after reading about disassociative identity disorder and tried to put all the pain and fear and anger of the abuse into that persona. And it worked, to an extent. Patrick MacAllister still has panic attacks thinking of going outside. Mister Blasphemy can go out and rage against the hypocrisy of the Church.

He’s no longer Catholic; he considers himself a Deist because if God cared He would have stopped what happened; He didn’t, so He just set it in motion and watches.

Mister Blasphemy won’t kill – he’s morally opposed to it. But assassinating a reputation by revealing the truth about a churchman’s hypocrisy is his reason for being.

He’s not really a villain, or even that bad a person. Just… criminal vandalism, breaking and entering, stealing hidden documents, recording without consent… none of these are off limits while he tries to get some kind of justice.

….and that makes him how different from some of the superheroes? Yeah. That’s the point of him. He’s the hero in his story, and his story might not be a bad one.

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