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What I've been up to.

It’s January 17 and I haven’t posted since before Christmas. It was a busy time – I am in Seattle now, but my family is on the East Coast, so I went back there for a couple of weeks, seeing family and friends, catching up on things, and doing the whole visiting-family thing you do when you live on the opposite coast.

In other news, my development machine – my older MacBook Pro – is currently running on its MAMP install the WordPress 3.1 beta, which I am poking at to find holes. I’m also working on some stuff with theme design, learning that, which involves learning PHP.

I’m also working on a new header graphic for the page, but my art skills, well, don’t really exist, so this is becoming interestingly difficult.

In short: visit back East, now working on more skill enhancements, some of them coming from farther behind that others.

Hope things are good for you! Have a good day.

I’m going to try to write here more often, so that I can keep myself going with my writing.

Hope all is well.

Hello again.

I’m sorry for no updates lately, but I’m traveling for the holidays and that’s put a dent in my thinking time.

Once the new year starts, my hope is to do some more setup tutorials on things
Wordpress, so that the mistakes I make can help other people not make them.

See you in 2011!

Rather chilly…

It snowed here yesterday.

Now, while this may not be surprising for many of you, where I’m from in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area, we haven’t had real snow before Christmas in… wow. Somewhere in the 1980s. So having snow here was interesting and kind of special.

Thanksgiving preparation continues.

It occurs to me…

…that this year is the first Thanksgiving that I will spend away from my family since the mid-90s.

I wouldn’t be there regardless – if I had not been laid off from Citigroup, I would have been working that day. (The department I was in had to have people there every day, including weekends and holidays. We rotated through Saturdays, and then had weekends. The first year I was there, I had Labor Day stuck to me, which was a pain because I had originally planned to go to a gathering in Atlanta, Ga, that happens over Labor Day weekend; this would have been the second full year there, and I would have been stuck with Thanksgiving.)

I plan to call on Thursday, maybe see if I can get them on Facetime or iChat and talk to people, including my niece and nephews, just to say hello.

But yeah, it’s kind of interesting this year.

That went well, I think.

The gentleman I spoke to at the agency was very positive, even if I think I did sort of surprise him by showing up in full suit and tie. (I have a grey suit and a new black pinstripe which I am fairly snazzy in, I think.)

I got some odd looks in it – Seattle has a very different corporate culture style than New York – but you know, you can always dress down later, but never dress up for a new first impression.

So we will see as we will see. Nine years at the same place must be worth something.

Good Morning.

I’m Geoff Depew, and this is (as it says on the URL)

I’m a relatively recent transplantee to Seattle, an IT professional, an amateur at photography, videography, writing and philosophy, and like so many other people, I thought the time had come to do a proper site for myself.

I’m going to try to post daily on something, or perhaps post some photos, or just talk about some idea that came to me. Updates can be found here and at my Twitter account if you prefer to follow that.

Enjoy the ride!