Time doesn't stand still.

Business thoughts.

I’ve been trying to put together in my head what my new business idea is going to do. I know I can do WordPress setup and design; I can use Photoshop; I can write (as a technical writer and as a fiction writer); I’m working on programming again (JavaScript/Ajax, PHP and Python). Ten years of work for my previous employer gave me a number of skills, some useful and some not so (due to in-house-developed, non-portable programs to do what some companies do manually). I can take photographs fairly well, but not professionally so.

But what does all that do for me? What do I do with all that?

And I have an idea. I just don’t know quite how to phrase it. Online concierge? Digital Doorman? Technical Assistant? It’s not quite coming together.

The idea, as my business presentation showed, was offering myself to small business who have no online presence and helping them build one. Social networking, building a web page, getting themselves set up. Make some money from that, and maybe some followup work to keep them up to date (for, uh, a fee, of course).

I need a job title. That’s the thing that’s getting me right now.

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