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My posts about Impostor Syndrome – feeling like a fake no matter how well you succeed.

Revisiting the Impostor. (Reposts)

A few years ago I wrote a series of posts about Impostor Syndrome. It occurs to me that people might not have seen those, and so I’ve decided to put this post up linking to all four of those.

I know some other people have been having trouble with it lately. I thought it might help. I hope that if this is something troubling you, it helps you a little.


Fighting the impostor, Part 1

Fighting the Impostor, Part 2

Fighting the Impostor, Part 3


Fighting the Impostor, Part 2

In my last post, I talked about one of the things I need to work on to deal with my (admittedly self-diagnosed) Impostor Syndrome. And I do want to stress that – this is not me diagnosed with anything other than depression and anxiety. But it does express itself in that way, so I’m using that term for my issues. That may change at some point.

Today’s issue to deal with: Practice accepting compliments.

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