Our anniversary dinner.

For this six month celebration, Emma and I went to La Isla in Ballard for dinner. She’s wanted to go there since hearing about it and we had tried before, but it did’t work out. It almost didn’t this time – her job got a little crazy at the last minute – but we made it there, to try the food. And this is what we had…

For an appetizer, Emma ordered bacalaito (salted cod in a cilatro batter and deep fried).

We each had a pernil (roast pork) empanadilla.

For dinner we had pernil divilo, with rice and beans, tostones (a side made from plantains), and the salad that came with.

For dessert, I had flancocho (flan on top of chocolate cake)

And Emma had flan.
She didn’t enjoy the flan very much – it was very different than she was used to. My dessert was okay. The food, though, was really good.

And if my mother is reading? I tried her appetizer, Mom. Yes, I voluntarily had a fish dish. I wouldn’t go chasing it again, but it wasn’t bad. (Dad, make sure she doesn’t hurt herself when she falls down at reading this, okay? Thanks.)

We walked around Ballard a little so I could show her the sights, and we stopped at Card Kingdom, a gaming store in Ballard that has a small restaurant attached to it called Cafe Mox (Magic fans, chuckle now). We didn’t get anything, but we’re going back. To both Card Kingdom and La Isla.

It was a good day. I’m back home now. I’m full of good food and of love for my dearest wife, and I had a good day.

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