The Day is come.

I haven’t been around a lot, because I’ve been busy. Not at home in Seattle, but back in New Jersey. Helping with arrangements and settings-up and heavy and light lifting.

See, about half an hour before this got published? I got married.

I wrote about Emma a bit ago. And, well, there we go, today was the marriage.

The questions I’ve gotten asked are:

Are you sure?

No, really, are you sure?

Any regrets?

The answers are, I would note, “Yes”, “Yes” and “No.”

We’ve known each other for years – really, almost fourteen years – and although we might not have been a couple that long, we’ve been friends for a long time. The people we were when we met wouldn’t have been very good together – an amazing few months followed by the kind of destructive breakout that divides friends and causes trouble and makes uncomfortable conversation for a few months. The people we are now… we can have fights and talk about it like adults. Yes, we can make each other angry… but that’s because we let ourselves open to it, because that’s part and parcel of being in love. Every day, we get better at understanding each other, at working together. (When two people can think of the same bad joke at once? That’s a sign you’re going to be good together.)

We’re going to be great together. Just watch.

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