Working on my art and on myself.

Lately, I decided to work on my art skills. I obtained a book (later purchased for me by my fiancée Emma) called You Can Draw in 30 Days. I’m on the twenty-third day and I think it’s going well. I know some very talented artists who are giving advice from time to time.

I also realized that I will not be them, or any of the artists I appreciate, without practice and sending time working on it. So this is also part of doing that. It’s something I’ve wanted to do and I finally took the time to do it.

To keep myself accountable, I posted them first to my my DeviantArt account, then to my Facebook. Every day. To make sure I did it.

And I’m going to keep on doing it. And then more drawing and books about it, like Drawing on the Right Side of the Brain, and a few others.

I’m also reading a book called Art & Fear: Observations On the Perils (and Rewards) of Artmaking which is teaching me more about myself, and what I need to do. I’ve lived in the fear of failure, of being seen as not good enough, in the place called Imposter Syndrome for a long time. This book, and actually trying, is helping.

I should do a post about Imposter Syndrome and what it’s been for me. Maybe that’ll be the next one.

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