Good day.

How’s things? Good, good.

I’m still job-hunting, but I’ve had a couple of interviews.

I’m excited about the big Apple press event on Wednesday – it’ll almost certainly be the iPad 2, but what will it do? What changes will it have? Cameras, better screen, more memory, will the default for it be 3G (or the Verizon equivalent) and a lesser reliance on wifi? (That matches with some of the speculation of the upcoming MobileMe transition to a ‘cloud’ environment.

Will they announce iOS 5, or iOS 4.3, or both? (“iOS 4.3 released today, iOS5 coming later this year.”)

I’ve considered trying to seek some Apple training, but it’s hard to come by if you’re not an Apple employee. I don’t mean the software side,I mean the hardware side, going in and messing with the guts of a device. (This could be very helpful if I got a not-quite-working MacBook Air or something like that off eBay, then fixed it.)

Still, must keep job searching. hope everyone is well out there, and we’ll talk soon, I’m sure.

Oh, and by the way – it still fries my noggin to consider the phrase ‘Oscar-winning composer Trent Reznor’. I’m not entirely sure why.

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