Time doesn't stand still.

What I've been up to.

It’s January 17 and I haven’t posted since before Christmas. It was a busy time – I am in Seattle now, but my family is on the East Coast, so I went back there for a couple of weeks, seeing family and friends, catching up on things, and doing the whole visiting-family thing you do when you live on the opposite coast.

In other news, my development machine – my older MacBook Pro – is currently running on its MAMP install the WordPress 3.1 beta, which I am poking at to find holes. I’m also working on some stuff with theme design, learning that, which involves learning PHP.

I’m also working on a new header graphic for the page, but my art skills, well, don’t really exist, so this is becoming interestingly difficult.

In short: visit back East, now working on more skill enhancements, some of them coming from farther behind that others.

Hope things are good for you! Have a good day.

I’m going to try to write here more often, so that I can keep myself going with my writing.

Hope all is well.

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