Tools of the Trade.

I thought this would be a good place to discuss what it is I use to create.

My cameras:
First is my iPhone 4. Not the top possible camera, but it’s easily portable, almost always with me, and I have some applications on it that make some of the photos better off the cuff.

This is my Flip Mino HD, for video work. Two hour capacity at 720p HD, small enough to easily carry with me everywhere.

This is my main camera, a Samsung. It’s in the space between a dSLR and a point-and-shoot. There’s an auto-adjust setting, but you also have access to a manual point where you can adjust shutter speed and f-stop. It also has a small monitor above the large monitor which works like a standard lens viewfinder, giving a real photographer feel.

The machines:
My iPad, with the photo kit. It lets me check the photos I take with the camera in a larger format than the inbuilt display. If I have the chance, I can then put the card back in the camera to take some more photos if I don’t like the ones I’ve gotten.

My laptop is a 2007 MacBook Pro, which has the software I need for doing things on the road.

My desktop is a new iMac, 27″, 2TB hard drive, 8GB of memory and a 1GB video card, for hefty work.

I also have a Bamboo Fun tablet to work on things with, and Adobe CS5 to do the work with.

These are the tools I use to create photos and videos.

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