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Quick razor-centric update.

(follow-up on this post)

I just used the razor.

Oh my god. I usually use a Gillette Fusion Power razor, and this one, this razor that’s 46 years old, with a thin piece of sharp metal, one single blade…

It was so much better. It moved smoothly. I had to be careful, and I need practice. But I didn’t cut myself, I didn’t rip my face up, and one swipe with this double-edge safety razor was as good, if not better than, the four-blade powered one. It was just incredible. This is a keeper. I am going to use this forever.

After I finished, I took it apart, cleaned it, dried it, and put it back in the case. It’s a piece of art and I adore it.

My wife is a genius and a glorious creature.

I have a new belt.

It’s leather. Not stretchy, or a web belt. An inch and a quarter wide. Silver buckle. And I have it buckled in the 4th hole. It’s a 54-56 belt. And I am wearing it and thinking how I may need another soon.

Funny how something simple as a black leather belt can feel like a trophy.

(Picture of the belt as I got it from the vendor.)