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Who is Meliantha, anyway?

 Meliantha is an original character of mine, and the stories about her are done under the series title of “Demon-Blood’s Blade”. 

Meliantha is what D&D players would know as a tiefling. but being she was created for 3.5 Edition, she looks much different that the regular ones you see in the most recent version.

Meliantha's formal portrait.
Meliantha’s formal portrait. Art by SilkyNoire on DeviantArt.

The stories are set in the world called the Forgotten Realms, but with recent events in the gaming world, they may get completely pulled and reworked to be free of Wizards of the Coast background information.

The first story is literally about her birth. She goes through trouble and prejudice as she grows up, and slowly learns from it, becoming a fighter. She starts to learn more about the world around her, finds answers to questions she’s always had, and grows as a warrior and as a person. She makes some friends, and some enemies, as you do.

I’ve been working on it for a long time, with some breaks when life just got too strange or difficult to be able to do so, but it‘s been easier recently.

I’ve got things to tell about her, people for her to meet, enemies for her to fight, and a very large plot that’s been in the background the whole time that I really should reveal more of.

There’s going to be a shorter summary of this on each post going forwards (and going back, too, because it makes sense) for new readers, but this is a what’s-this summary.

I hope you enjoy Meliantha and her tale.

You can read Meliantha’s story at my AO3 page. There’s also an index of the stories, along with an image gallery and a bunch of soundtracks for her on her page here on my site.

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