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Back to the Well: Returning to the Meliantha stories

I haven’t written much on her stories for a while, I know.

But I’m finding a bit of inspiration lately, and I want to get writing again. I’m going to start up again and start releasing things again. There’s a bit of story there, with the war that she’s gotten herself recruited into helping lead people in, and more after it.  I want to get it out.

It’s going to be wonderful to see what kinds of things come out of it, and what I send her through. I’ve got it plotted out through the end of the war and what comes afterward. I may even write a song about it if I can learn to write music, and maybe get some art done (or even do it myself!!) to show what happens.

The stories are going to be coming, and I may need to go back to rework some things, to get them into place. I have characters and ideas in my head that should get out and get their time in the spotlight.

I want people to be able to meet Liliana Bloodguard, and Caeda Macause, and Shayla  Quickstrike, and Shalowena, and meet (and hate) Zaelicas Twice-Burned, the Fist of Bane, and Tormeli Hearttwister.

I have possibilities in mind. Meliantha will be tested, tempted, and tried, and (I hope) come out of it stronger, even as things happen to her.

Huh, Chainbreaker looks different. I wonder why that happens…

While I’m going to be posting them on AO3, I’ll be posting the announcements here, with the links, while also putting them on Meliantha’s page.

If you’ve been wondering… my goal is to release the next one on Tuesday, and maybe aim for Tuesday releases for a while. I can’t promise, but I will be trying.

Thank you.

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