Cleanup and Recover (An Eiko Takashima Story)

Eiko Takashima was in her office, the Weather Channel playing, when the Hotline notified her that a call was coming in.

She hit the button, and the videoconference system activated, showing the face of Emmanuel Papouloute, the head of her company’s Caribbean division.

“Emmanuel! How are things?”

Emmanuel was usually a jovial man, which helped him talk to many of the leaders in the region to help the agenda of Random Access Technologies. Right now, though, his face was drawn in concentration. “Not good, Eiko. The hurricane is incoming, and the governments are running around like headless chickens. I’m calling for ask for your approval to take action.”

“Given,” she said. “Send me the plan, but don’t wait to have it completely done before implementing. What do you need from here?”

He blinking, surprised. “Just like that?”

“You wouldn’t be in your position if you didn’t have my complete trust. Everything we’ve done in the area has been at your lead, Emmanuel. You’re on the ground and you’re taking point. What do you need from home office?”

His face broke into a smile. “Well now.”  He thought for a moment. “I’m going to send out the pop-up shelters. I know they’re technically not for release, but…”

She nodded, bending over to type. “Authorized. I’m also sending you an executive authorization to requisition anything you need from anywhere in the company. Even the Trust, if you feel it’s that dire.”

Emmanuel whistled. “I don’t think that’ll be needed, but if you can route Snapdragon here, with what I request –”

“Done. I’m moving the company into crisis mode.” She looked back at the his face on the screen. “Movers will be loaded, emergency supplies, more of the pop-ups. I’ll have Mr. Oliver call the Department of State, try to get things moving up here.”

“Thank you, Eiko,” he said gratefully. “It’ll save lives.”

“That’s the point, Emmanuel. That’s what we’re here for. Let me know if you need anything else. Good luck and drive safe.”

The connection ended, Eiko picked up the phone. As she did, Mr. Oliver stuck his head in, and she put it back down.

“Sorry,” he said, not terribly apologetically, “I heard Emmanuel called, and thought you might need me.”  Then the other door opened, and Mary stuck her head in.

“Orders, boss?” she said in her Brooklyn-esque accent.

“Crisis mode, Emmanuel is lead. Assume he’s got 100% approval for everything. Mr. Oliver, call State and smooth things. Snapdragon loaded for relief and off in twelve hours. I’m shuffling things around, will be available until it’s over.”

Both nodded and headed for their jobs.

It was best, Eiko thought, to recruit for competency in the administrative staff. Then with a glance at the hurricane watch, she returned to her work.

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