Time doesn't stand still.

A Valentine's Day present from my wife.

Last night when we got in, Emma got the mail and said, “Oh, your present arrived!”

And after some debate about whether or not to give it to me today or wait until Friday, she handed me this:


I opened it, wondering what it was, and found this:


It’s a 1967 Gillette M1 Short-handle travel razor, double-edge safety razor. As I’ve mentioned earlier, I’m moving into enjoying wet shaving, old-time stuff where you put it on with a brush, and this is the kind of razor you use to do that. It’s amazing.

So this is it disassembled, out of the carry package:


And this is it assembled:


And a couple shots of the head, one showing the logo:


And the other showing the bottom, with the maker information:


It’s an amazing thing, it’s going to be incredible shaving with it, and I cannot wait to try it.

I love you, Emma. Thank you so much for this amazing gift.

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