Considerations on sartorial splendor.

Hi there! I’m hoping that today finds you all well. I’m good. Doing some laundry, getting ready to go out for dinner with Emma.

And that means getting dressed and ready. For me, that’s always been a thing somewhat fraught with peril. I’ve never been a snappy dresser – more the stretchy-waist pants and t-shirt kind of person. But that’s because my relationship with my body has also been kind of screwed up, so I tried to go for the geek effect of “mind important, body not”. But that’s not working for me. It never really did, but I tried not to think about it. I mean, yes, I’ll tend to go for comfortable six days of the week and twice on Sunday – who wouldn’t? – but until I got married, it never occurred to me that I could be comfortable and still look snappy.

And so, as mentioned in my previous post about things like this, I present my plan for getting ready for tonight:

First, a shower. Nice hot one, soaping up and all, cleaning up. Then, in the shower, a shave, with the Art of Shaving gear I picked up: the pre-shave oil, the cream applied by brush, the shave and then the after-shave balm (which really helps the skin a lot after the shave, more than I would have expected).

AFter that, get out of the shower, clean the teeth and turn myself to my hair. I’ve tended to the same style for, well, forever, the fairly classic ‘parted on the side’, but I got a haircut a few weeks ago at Capelli’s Barbershop (the one in the City Centre building), and they used some kind of produce on me that worked pretty well. So I’m going to try to do that, as well. (I may get a rather different haircut next time, though.)

After that, getting dressed. I may not wear my leather jacket today, I might wear something a bit more dashing, but I’m still pondering it. Depends on the weather, I think.

And then out, walk down the hill to the light rail, and go downtown and meet my wife, kiss her, and we go to have dinner. I want to show off a little for her.

(and yes, I know you’re reading this, beloved. Which is why I’m not talking about what I’m wearing. Gotta surprise you a little bit…)

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