Meditations on myself.

I’ve been doing some personal improvements lately, and if thought I’d talk about them a bit.

I. Shaving.

Last week, after some consideration, I picked up a starter kit from The Art of Shaving. It’s very nice, actually.

Came with a brush, some pre-shave oil, shaving cream, and after-shave balm. So after getting my hair washed in the shower, I followed the directions: a little oil before I start, a little of the cream, whip it with the brush. Then put it on my face and, well, shave. (With the Gilette Fusion Power I’ve used for a couple of years.) When I was done, I got out of the shower, dried off, and put on the after-shave balm.

And you know? It was an amazing shave. I usually use the Nivea foam in a can, but this was just incredible. Really close, very smooth. I don’t shave as often as some men – maybe once every three days or so – but as of right now, it looks like I’m just getting to five o’clock shadow.

Shaved this morning and it was just as good. I might use the coupon that came with the set ($25 off, making the cost of that set be, effectively, the sales tax) and buy a larger one just to be supplied. Or maybe I’ll find something as good but cheaper! Will research.

II. Sartorial.

I’ve also been starting to upgrade my wardrobe. Amongst the things:

  • bought more shirts
  • bought a new belt, this one not woven and springy
  • switched from my battered but beloved khaki trench to a leather jacket I got as a present about four years ago (more about this later)
  • got shorter shoelaces (surprising how useful that is!)
  • not wearing t-shirts so much

Interesting feeling. Not entirely sure how to describe it. But good.

III. Physical

Since starting my current job, I’ve had some changes forced in my by the nature of it. On a good day, I have to walk about two miles to and from work. (On a not so good day, it hits four total.) What this means is exercise.

And I’ve been eating a bit better.

And a couple of times I have found myself actually running. Not sprinting, but instead jogging. I may even consider the idea of doing it more and trying to use that as a workout.

Since starting the job I’m down about 15 pounds. Which is kind of amazing. I bought some jeans in July and now I can get three fingers in the waistband without any stress on my skin, just to say what that means.

I am getting a checkup just to see how things are under the hood. On Saturday I get proper health insurance, so I can do that.

My beloved Emma says I’m changing. I think she’s right. I’m not sure what I’m changing into, but I’m changing and I’m sure it’ll be better. For me, for her, for us.

Tomorrow is looking better all the time.

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