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Tools of the Trade: updated

A while back, I wrote a post about the things I use to create. But a lot has changed, so I thought I should do an update. (I saw someone look at it on the site states, and figured it could use a bit of an update.)

So: here’s the tools I’m using now:

First, the computer. While I have a desktop iMac, when wandering around, I use this:

MacBook Air

It’s a MacBook Air, 256GB drive and 8GB of RAM. Fun to use, quick to work, light to carry. You’ll notice it’s running Photoshop in that picture – it’s Photoshop CC, and yes, I do have a Creative Cloud subscription, to keep me in the newest set of tools.

Wacom Bamboo Create Tablet

The tablet I use, a Wacom Bamboo Create, with the wireless kit, makes it easier to use.

iPhone 5 in BookBook Case
My phone, an iPhone 5, good to have to take pictures, do some quick editing of pictures and movies take with it, and in general have to keep in touch with, well, everything. The case is a Twelve South BookBook for iPhone 5, which I think is pretty handsome.


Drawing Supplies
A Royal & Langnickel Drawing Essentials Keep N’ Carry Set and a Pentalic Sketch Book, Hardbound, 5-1/2-Inch by 8-Inch. This is what I do my drawing on. It’s got the items I need. I swapped out a couple of items – the eraser for a kneaded rubber eraser; a different pencil sharpener; added the ruler I had sitting around.

Still using the Samsung camera for photography (these pictures were taken with it, in fact), but that’s in the original. I sometimes have considered a full DSLR but I don’t think I really have the kinds of skills required to make it worthwhile…. yet.

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