Back to the Well: Returning to the Meliantha stories

I haven’t written much on her stories for a while, I know.

But I’m finding a bit of inspiration lately, and I want to get writing again. I’m going to start up again and start releasing things again. There’s a bit of story there, with the war that she’s gotten herself recruited into helping lead people in, and more after it.  I want to get it out.

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The D&D World I’m Building: The Magnificent Mimic Inn and Tavern

Near the Traveler’s Gate, the most used entrance to the Imperial capitol city of Zalash, on the Grand Boulevard that runs from the Gate to the Imperial Palace, there is a tavern and inn called the Magnificent Mimic. It is actually run by, and partially formed by, a mimic colony that decided there were better ways to get what they wanted, and it’s a very popular destination.

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This is the time, and this is the record of the times.