A D&D Archfey Patron: The Prince of Fireflies

Ah, The Prince of Fireflies.

He is also known as the Great Voyeur, the Watcher Over Lovers, and the Bleeder of Hearts.

The Fae of Taeliana are incarnate stories, and the Archfey are the incarnations of the most powerful themes in stories. The Prince of Fireflies is love stories, no matter how they end.  As an archfey, he does things for his amusement and to further the stories he embodies. (There is a difference between the fae and the faerie, which will be gone over later.)

This includes imbuing people with powers to further the story, rather than to see it end prematurely. Once the story of the love affair is over, and it either ends or settles down, he loses interest, leaving the powers with his pacted warlock, because something might happen to make it interesting again later…

He appears as a dense cloud of fireflies, with a humanoid silhouetted against it, but no details of the figure can be seen. He sends advice or messages to his warlocks rarely, but when he does, it’s with a firefly to direct.

The first view most have of the Archfey known as the Prince of Fireflies: a silhouette of a man with pointed ears with fireflies around him.
The first view most have of the Prince of Fireflies.
D&D Game Rules for the Prince of Fireflies

A Warlock of the Prince of Fireflies gains the Dancing Lights cantrip as a free Warlock spell.

The preferred Eldritch Talents for a Warlock of the Prince of Fireflies are Devil’s Sight, Eldritch Mind, Beguiling Influence, Mask of Many Faces, One with Shadows, Bewitching Whispers, Trickster’s Escape, Sculptor of Flesh, Ascendent Step, Master of Myriad Forms, Shroud of Shadow, Visions of Distant Realms, and Witch Sight.

Preferred spells include Sleep, Charm Person, Invisibility, Greater Invisibility, Dream and Seeming.

While some of those spells may seem adverse to the idea of love stories, they are fitting for people sneaking into their lover’s homes when it’s a forbidden love, or checking on them when far away.. at least to the Prince.

The Fae do not see things the way humans do.

Transgender Things: The Cost of Being Yourself, Part 1: Name Changes

 A name change is important – you want to be yourself, and when you’re transgender, your name is a big, big part of it. This got brought up in a comment on my last post, so I thought I’d go into a bit of detail about the costs for a name change here where I live in the state of Pennsylvania.

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Transgender Things: Reporting Some Excellent News, For Once.

I’m a little late on the Trans Day of Visibility, since it was March 31, and it’s now a week later.  But I just recently got some very awesome information to show. 

I am a proud scion of the state of New Jersey, and on the Transgender Day of Visibility, the governor of the state, the inestimable Phillip Murphy, declared it in an executive order as a sanctuary state. This means that if you prescribe trans health care, then move to NJ, or you’ve moved to NJ from a transgender-hostile state that bans trans health care, they won’t lift a finger to help you get extradited.

In addition, about the same time, the state opened a site at https://transgender.nj.gov/ to give a central point for transgender people to get information on the laws, processes, and resources in New Jersey they can access.

This is incredibly good news, and there’s the possibility of crossing the river again. So we will see…

And now, a bit of music that may be a little relevant.

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