Pragmatism – a Juliette d’Aubigniy tale

ABSALOM, Ascendent Court, Cayden’s Hall

Boots up on the table, Juliette d’Aubigniy regarded her cup with a mix of amusement and irritation. The amusement was due to having seen one member of the group she shared the table with try to take a drink from the cup, only to have the metheglin within push him over the edge from drunk to unconscious; the irritation was because he’d dropped it and spilled it over the table. It had been a bit expensive to get it, in both money and personal services, and she wasn’t looking forwards to the cost that Tauglithgin would ask for more.

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Upgrade day – initial feelings

Yesterday, Apple released iOS version 11. Having both an iPhone 6 and an (older) iPad, I began my process of upgrading. My phone was first, and the process took a while, but was pretty much seamless. My iPad, unfortunately, can’t take the iOS 11 upgrade, so I’ll just be talking about the phone.

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Today’s travels – 9/17

Later today I’m going to be heading with my wife and my parents to a German festival. There will be food and a traditional German band. I’m going to try to get some photos – not sure if the phone or the Good Camera yet – but I’ll let people know what’s up when I get in (or, if it’s the phone, on the way — welcome to the magical world of the Future, where I take a photo of a bratwurst with spaetzle and let everyone know about it ten minutes afterwards, along with a review of the food).

Did I ever mention I like German food? Well, some of it. I don’t do much with mushrooms, don’t really go for Limburger cheese, and never quite got the taste of currywurst, but man, a good bratwurst or weisswurst and I’m a happy, happy man.

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The Blow-Off – an Imago story

He ran down the filthy back alley, stopping at the intersection to look behind. He knew he was being pursued – one of the enforcers for the cult was after him. It was revenge that drove them, he knew – the guard had somehow found the cult and arrested most of them for demon worship and human sacrifice (the latter was the actual crime), and now those that remained were looking for their betrayer. Continue reading →

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What do you want to see next?

I’ve written about my characters, but is there one you’d like to read more of – a fiction piece, more background, something like that?

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Cleanup and Recover (An Eiko Takashima Story)

Eiko Takashima was in her office, the Weather Channel playing, when the Hotline notified her that a call was coming in.

She hit the button, and the videoconference system activated, showing the face of Emmanuel Papouloute, the head of her company’s Caribbean division.

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Carrying on.

I keep workingI keep working on things. Did some coloring, still working on them. Still looking for work.

I went to Wal-Mart today to get some insulin. I need to get some insurance, so I can get the good stuff instead of what I got. It’ll do well enough, but I would prefer to have my usual stuff.

I just need to keep carrying on. It’s what need to do – keep going.

Used IMVU to get images for Mindy and Imago. I also need to update Imago to explain why she uses that name.

Also installed a two-factor authorizer on here, because I wanted to improve things to keep the jerks from Brazil and Taiwan out.

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I decided to mess about with the theme on the site. I think I like this one a bit better.

I also mailed a survey to my gaming group to see what they want me to run, and got a very nice offer of someone’s spare Starfinder book in case I wanted to run that. I guess I’ll be reading up on that.

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A Cover Gallery!

I thought it might be fun, now that I’m on the East Coast and will be gaming again, to use some of the art I had commissioned of characters to do ‘covers of the media they were in’ mockups. Most of the ones I have are superhero RPH characters, so I did them to look like comics; the one – so far – that is from the D&D Forgotten Realms gameworld is done up like a novel cover.

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