I have a new belt.

It’s leather. Not stretchy, or a web belt. An inch and a quarter wide. Silver buckle. And I have it buckled in the 4th hole. It’s a 54-56 belt. And I am wearing it and thinking how I may need another soon.

Funny how something simple as a black leather belt can feel like a trophy.

(Picture of the belt as I got it from the vendor.)

Couple more things

  1. I think I have the post to Facebook thing worked out now. No, no I don’t, gonna have to contact support.
  2. My wife is amazing.
  3. Shaving first with, then against, the grain of your beard really DOES make it better. I now understand, but I’m not doing it to the mustache area, as I still fear I’m going to remove my nose accidentally.



I’m using the WordPress 2010 Weaver theme here and wondering if it’s showing a bit of its age. There’s the Twenty Thirteen theme, which might be interesting.

I put MAMP on my laptop and tossed WordPress on there so I could play a bit without messing up the current format. Experiment with formatting, maybe a bit of revision of the gallery, change up a few things. (Keeping the header and the color scheme, though.)

But I feel the urge to redecorate a little. It’s nice that I can test without anyone getting bothered by it, then show it off when it’s done. Makes it easier to play a bit, feeling I’m not going to break everything.