Checking in.

Things have been quiet the past few days. All three of us in the house I live in have been various kinds of not feeling well, and the cats (two live here) have both been pretty quiescent as well.

I’m hoping to present at the next Seattle WordPress Meetup on adding social media crossposting to your WordPress site, as I’m going using Twitter Tools, Wordbooker and LiveJournal Crossposter to put things out.

Just to note, the Twitter account for here is and the Facebook is Geoffrey Depew, in case you want to add those.

As I said, it’s been quiet, but things may be moving forwards.

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Testing again.

I think I’ve found some of the issues with the Wordbooker WordPress to Facebook crossposter, but more testing needs to happen. So that, for example, it doesn’t double-post.

This may take a little time.

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So it looks like the Wordbooker plugin doesn’t work right. Or if it is, somehow I can’t see it.

If you do see this, please comment on it so I can figure out if it’s working – on FAcebook, please. I know that’s silly, but if I can’t see it on Facebook, I have to assume no one else can.

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Good Evening.

I’m testing a crosspost from WordPress to Facebook using the Wordbooker plugin. I created a second Facebook account for the purposes of this test.

Time to fire it off…

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Twenty Minutes into the Future.

Last night my roommates and I sat down and watched the first three episodes of the DVD release of the show Max Headroom. It was short-lived (its second season going up against a little show known as Miami Vice…) but brilliant and in its way subversive.

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Decisions, decisions…

I’m trying to decide whether or not to install the Wordbooker plugin for WordPress. It connects a WordPress blog to a Facebook account. The problem is, of course, Facebook. Do I want to have what I write here automatically post to Facebook?

I already have Twitter Tools set up to automatically post things to a Twitter feed, and things set up to post to another blog I have (don’t worry about it for now). But Facebook has this combination of terrible ubiquity and exposure that I find myself wondering about.

Honestly, if I do it, it may just be to test it so that I can set things up for the possible presentation at the Seattle WordPress group, so I can properly and correctly discuss it in an informed manner. I think it’s important I do so, in order to insure I have the correct information to give to people.

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Recent books I've gotten.

So I’ve gotten some books lately for learning things and improving my skills, and I thought I’d mention them here.

(Yes, there’s Amazon affiliate links. I will disclose if I make enough to buy more books, I assure you.)

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Today's activity.

Attending the Seattle WordPress meet up. It tends to be a bit more programming-centric than I find helpful, last and this month both about writing plugins. I’m not the programmer I need to be to write a plugin, but I might gear up some if I need it more for some things.

Also reading a book on Google Analytics to get to know now to use that and kick it into use. I also signed up for Amazon Affiliates, so the books I read will get mentioned and reviewed here, and linked to.

addendum: interestingly, they mentioned some of the issues with the designer/developer new/experiences training situation, and ideas came together about making things happen. There may be some ideas happening.

Slow but sure development is the way to go, I am thinking.

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That went well, I think.

The gentleman I spoke to at the agency was very positive, even if I think I did sort of surprise him by showing up in full suit and tie. (I have a grey suit and a new black pinstripe which I am fairly snazzy in, I think.)

I got some odd looks in it – Seattle has a very different corporate culture style than New York – but you know, you can always dress down later, but never dress up for a new first impression.

So we will see as we will see. Nine years at the same place must be worth something.

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(Looking at the time, I should say “Later today:”, I think.)

I have an appointment with a placement agency that will, hopefully, find me a decent job in the area. I will be going in full interview regalia, black suit and red tie, and bringing my finest skills with me.

Wish me luck.

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