Testing again.

I think I’ve found some of the issues with the Wordbooker WordPress to Facebook crossposter, but more testing needs to happen. So that, for example, it doesn’t double-post.

This may take a little time.

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So it looks like the Wordbooker plugin doesn’t work right. Or if it is, somehow I can’t see it.

If you do see this, please comment on it so I can figure out if it’s working – on FAcebook, please. I know that’s silly, but if I can’t see it on Facebook, I have to assume no one else can.

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Good Evening.

I’m testing a crosspost from WordPress to Facebook using the Wordbooker plugin. I created a second Facebook account for the purposes of this test.

Time to fire it off…

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Twenty Minutes into the Future.

Last night my roommates and I sat down and watched the first three episodes of the DVD release of the show Max Headroom. It was short-lived (its second season going up against a little show known as Miami Vice…) but brilliant and in its way subversive.

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Decisions, decisions…

I’m trying to decide whether or not to install the Wordbooker plugin for WordPress. It connects a WordPress blog to a Facebook account. The problem is, of course, Facebook. Do I want to have what I write here automatically post to Facebook?

I already have Twitter Tools set up to automatically post things to a Twitter feed, and things set up to post to another blog I have (don’t worry about it for now). But Facebook has this combination of terrible ubiquity and exposure that I find myself wondering about.

Honestly, if I do it, it may just be to test it so that I can set things up for the possible presentation at the Seattle WordPress group, so I can properly and correctly discuss it in an informed manner. I think it’s important I do so, in order to insure I have the correct information to give to people.

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Recent books I've gotten.

So I’ve gotten some books lately for learning things and improving my skills, and I thought I’d mention them here.

(Yes, there’s Amazon affiliate links. I will disclose if I make enough to buy more books, I assure you.)

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Today's activity.

Attending the Seattle WordPress meet up. It tends to be a bit more programming-centric than I find helpful, last and this month both about writing plugins. I’m not the programmer I need to be to write a plugin, but I might gear up some if I need it more for some things.

Also reading a book on Google Analytics to get to know now to use that and kick it into use. I also signed up for Amazon Affiliates, so the books I read will get mentioned and reviewed here, and linked to.

addendum: interestingly, they mentioned some of the issues with the designer/developer new/experiences training situation, and ideas came together about making things happen. There may be some ideas happening.

Slow but sure development is the way to go, I am thinking.

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That went well, I think.

The gentleman I spoke to at the agency was very positive, even if I think I did sort of surprise him by showing up in full suit and tie. (I have a grey suit and a new black pinstripe which I am fairly snazzy in, I think.)

I got some odd looks in it – Seattle has a very different corporate culture style than New York – but you know, you can always dress down later, but never dress up for a new first impression.

So we will see as we will see. Nine years at the same place must be worth something.

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(Looking at the time, I should say “Later today:”, I think.)

I have an appointment with a placement agency that will, hopefully, find me a decent job in the area. I will be going in full interview regalia, black suit and red tie, and bringing my finest skills with me.

Wish me luck.

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