Today's work.

Today, I did a presentation on how to configure WordPress plugins for the Seattle WordPress Meetup. It went well – people seemed interested, asked questions and understood what I was getting at.

Afterwards, i had people complement me on the presentation.

I’m pretty please with how it turned out.

sufficiently pleased that I’m going to do a quick how-to for setup for both the Twitter Tools and Wordbooker plugins, explaining how to do basic setup and avoid some of the setup mistakes that I made along the way. It’s part of me giving back to the community.

Expect it tomorrow.

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Hello, there.

I’m posting this as part of the demonstration I’m doing for the Seattle WordPress group, on crossposting to social media.

Once this goes up, it’ll show up on Twitter at @geoffdepew and on the Facebook for Geoffrey Depew.

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Adding to my wide wide world of skills.

Saturday night one of my roommates had a craving for beef udon.

We had none. The other of the roommates is sick – my room is in the basement and I have been woken up by her coughing.

So I went to the store, because Safeway’s online ordering service indicated they had beef udon. It did not. (I have since learned it may in fact be refrigerated, not either dry like Top Ramen, or frozen, and I may have needed to look elsewhere.)

I thought for a bit. Well, I said to myself. There’s udon noodles. And… hm. there’s beef broth…

You can see where this is going, I’m sure.

I got some very thinly sliced top round steak, and went home.

Beef broth in pot, heated up. Steak cut into small bits and tossed into broth to cook in there. Then the noodles tossed in.

About ten minutes later, there was a respectable beef udon-a-like, and my roommate was happy.

Next time I think I’ll see if I can do other things to make it a bit closer to the idea. But it was a moment of inspiration and I think it worked out well.

So: I now can apparently made beef udon. Go me.

Another example of my problem-solving skills, I think.

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That's somewhat upsetting.

I had to install a CAPTCHA plugin on the contact form due to a spammer.

Not nice at all.

I suppose I would have needed it sooner or later, but I was kind of hoping not to have to worry about it.

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A bit of clarification:

If you’re looking for me on Facebook, my personal is Geoff Depew; the one that my WordPress blog autoposts to is Geoffrey Depew.

Similarly, my public twitter is @mephron while the one for the WordPress stuff – the more professional things – is @geoffdepew.

If I mention one or the other, it’s not meant to be hiding things, it’s just that I wanted to separate things a little bit.

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Skill advancement!

I created a new header for the page. I decided I wanted a bit more to it, and I kind of like how it came out.

The hard part was the Power Glove (yes I know) not having a white ring around it, but I managed to brute-force a solution that I think worked out pretty well. I like the look of it, the new subtitle, and you know, I think I’m getting a bit better at some of this stuff.

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I'm so pleased.

I got my first spam post here today. It’s like I’ve finally arrived.

(Akismet caught it and sent it to the bit-bucket, so you won’t see it. But really, I never realized how much I’d been looking forwards to it.)

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I think I understand now what I messed up for comments. If anyone has tried to comment here on the WordPress site, and been unable to, I apologize.

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Rather chilly…

It snowed here yesterday.

Now, while this may not be surprising for many of you, where I’m from in the New York/New Jersey/Connecticut area, we haven’t had real snow before Christmas in… wow. Somewhere in the 1980s. So having snow here was interesting and kind of special.

Thanksgiving preparation continues.

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It occurs to me…

…that this year is the first Thanksgiving that I will spend away from my family since the mid-90s.

I wouldn’t be there regardless – if I had not been laid off from Citigroup, I would have been working that day. (The department I was in had to have people there every day, including weekends and holidays. We rotated through Saturdays, and then had weekends. The first year I was there, I had Labor Day stuck to me, which was a pain because I had originally planned to go to a gathering in Atlanta, Ga, that happens over Labor Day weekend; this would have been the second full year there, and I would have been stuck with Thanksgiving.)

I plan to call on Thursday, maybe see if I can get them on Facetime or iChat and talk to people, including my niece and nephews, just to say hello.

But yeah, it’s kind of interesting this year.

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