Good day.

How’s things? Good, good.

I’m still job-hunting, but I’ve had a couple of interviews.

I’m excited about the big Apple press event on Wednesday – it’ll almost certainly be the iPad 2, but what will it do? What changes will it have? Cameras, better screen, more memory, will the default for it be 3G (or the Verizon equivalent) and a lesser reliance on wifi? (That matches with some of the speculation of the upcoming MobileMe transition to a ‘cloud’ environment.

Will they announce iOS 5, or iOS 4.3, or both? (“iOS 4.3 released today, iOS5 coming later this year.”)

I’ve considered trying to seek some Apple training, but it’s hard to come by if you’re not an Apple employee. I don’t mean the software side,I mean the hardware side, going in and messing with the guts of a device. (This could be very helpful if I got a not-quite-working MacBook Air or something like that off eBay, then fixed it.)

Still, must keep job searching. hope everyone is well out there, and we’ll talk soon, I’m sure.

Oh, and by the way – it still fries my noggin to consider the phrase ‘Oscar-winning composer Trent Reznor’. I’m not entirely sure why.

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One of the things I’m trying to work out is my niche in the greater world. What do I do? What do I have to offer?

I really like working with WordPress, but when i think about theme design, or writing a plugin, there are so many good ones that I have no idea where to start, what I can bring to the table to stand out. What is my place, where can I get my thing?

That’s the next level, and it’s a level i need to find my niche and get into it. I want to find ways to be more than just this guy poking at things.

I’m realizing that I may not know enough about that level to know how to get there. so that’s my next step: learning enough to get there. otherwise there’s no way to get there.

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Comic Referral: Ekwara

Ekwara is a comic drawn by my friend Tod Wills. Tod is a rather prolific artist – there’s 153 pages of Ekwara story, and a the equivalent of full single-issue comics just about how the world works. There’s a lot of solid worldbuilding in Ekwara, even if it’s not immediately obvious – because you learn as you go on.

Tod’s also doing an anthropomorphic version of Dracula – yes, the Bram Stoker novel – as well as other comics, art by commission both full-size and user-icons, and in general doing art. Because Tod does art, and that’s what Tod wants to do.

So I would suggest going and reading Tod’s things. You might find something there to impress you. I know that i usually do.

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Just so you know…

things are still moving around here. I’m working on a new header image, because I want something a bit better than I have already. It should be just as simple, just enough to make things interesting.

Keep watching – I plan to keep going.

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I’m from the East Coast – the New York City area – originally, now living in Seattle. And there’s differences – not as many as you’d think, but more than a few.

And right now I’m seeing a big one: the weather. It’s horrible back on the East Coast right now, crazy snow, ice, slush… all good reasons to just stay inside for a week.

In Seattle, it’s 35 degrees – cold, but clear. It’ll get into the 40s, and that’s good enough to go for a walk.

I think I like this a bit better.

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What I've been up to.

It’s January 17 and I haven’t posted since before Christmas. It was a busy time – I am in Seattle now, but my family is on the East Coast, so I went back there for a couple of weeks, seeing family and friends, catching up on things, and doing the whole visiting-family thing you do when you live on the opposite coast.

In other news, my development machine – my older MacBook Pro – is currently running on its MAMP install the WordPress 3.1 beta, which I am poking at to find holes. I’m also working on some stuff with theme design, learning that, which involves learning PHP.

I’m also working on a new header graphic for the page, but my art skills, well, don’t really exist, so this is becoming interestingly difficult.

In short: visit back East, now working on more skill enhancements, some of them coming from farther behind that others.

Hope things are good for you! Have a good day.

I’m going to try to write here more often, so that I can keep myself going with my writing.

Hope all is well.

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Ah, the weather of the greater NorthEast.

Seems a bit snowy out, doesn’t it?Looking out

Taken through the center of a wreath on a glass door, because the lower half of the door is closed up by snow and problematic to open.

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Hello again.

I’m sorry for no updates lately, but I’m traveling for the holidays and that’s put a dent in my thinking time.

Once the new year starts, my hope is to do some more setup tutorials on things
Wordpress, so that the mistakes I make can help other people not make them.

See you in 2011!

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Another update.

My resume has been updated again, obtainable in major formats at the regular place.

That is all.

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