An Eiko story.

It wasn’t unheard of for the CEO to come down to the labs – she’d cut her teeth in research, everyone knew that – but it had become more rare in recent months as she had been working on a big project. But word came through the grapevine she was coming down to what everyone called “Pie in the Sky Lab”’ the part that worked on the really crazy ideas.

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First paragraph for a low-grade supervillain's story.

I’m going to just sometimes drop ideas in here, just for the whole idea of doing something a little creative. This is an idea for the guy in a super-hero comic who has no luck at all.

“All my life I’ve been a loser. Everything has been just the wrong way. And then, when I actually get superpowers… I gain the ability to transform my body into metal… do I get a cool metal, a great metal? I don’t get iron. I don’t get titanium. I don’t even get freaking magnesium. No. I get manganese. I get the only metal that’s really only useful with other things. I get the hench-metal.”