A quick update!

I’m back on the East Coast, and so is my wife! That’s a positive. After February’s little Medical Adventure, the realization we had no support nearby really hit hard, so moving became an idea. When both of us became unemployed a month before our lease renewal, it became a plan. And now it’s mostly accomplished.

I’ve written a few things, and hope to do some more. I’ve also turned one of my other sites into an online resume in case someone googles my name, so they find that, and we’re just moving onwards.

Life’s changing. It’ll be interesting. And unlike so many other changes I’m not alone, and that makes it easier to take.

Mahalo. Talk to you soon.

Moving on

It’s been a while, hasn’t it? Here’s what’s up.

Been through a couple jobs, with various levels of strain and difficulty. I got fairly ill in February.

And that told us that it was time. We don’t have much of a support network here. We need better. And so we’re going home. We’ve discusses it from time to time, but now we are doing it. Leaving Seattle and going back East. It’s just time.

We’re going by train – which some of you may recall I did before, just the other way – so expect photos and commentary on the trip.

See you soon.

We’re going home.

Fighting the Impostor, Part 2

In my last post, I talked about one of the things I need to work on to deal with my (admittedly self-diagnosed) Impostor Syndrome. And I do want to stress that – this is not me diagnosed with anything other than depression and anxiety. But it does express itself in that way, so I’m using that term for my issues. That may change at some point.

Today’s issue to deal with: Practice accepting compliments.

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So the people I live with have been having a tough kind of few days. I decided to make dinner, and looked around the house for what we had. Thankfully, we had stuff from a Costco run recently, so I just asked for someone to please get me some mozzarella cheese, and boom it appeared.

So I thawed three of the very large chicken breasts we got from Costco (the house brand), then got out one of the larger pans. Put some sauce in the bottom, put the chicken in. Put some sauce on top, then sliced up some of the mozzarella cheese (not a lot, and not very thick), and put it on top. Then some more sauce on top of the mozzarella, and sprinkled it with basil and oregano, and baked for about 25 minutes. The cheese got soft, the chicken got done (you’d probably want to cook longer if you used the chicken frozen, but I think that might mess things up a bit), and it went over well. Served it over noodles, a little bread on the side.

There were leftovers (my housemates couldn’t finish the chicken breasts, which are very very large, to be honest), so they have food for tomorrow.

This is how I spent my evening, cooking. It’s terribly calming, in a way, when you have to consider what you’re doing and how to do it, and focus on it.

Today's activity, and the lack of same.

Today was spent cleaning, organizing, taking care of some things I had been putting off, and preparing some clothes to go to the cleaners. I attended a funeral last weekend and my suit smells like incense, which strikes me as a less than optimal situation if I go for an interview.

Tomorrow I plan to take a bus ride and take pictures of Seattle, so people can see what my new home is like.