My Other Project: Stories of Meliantha

So I have another domain registered, and before I started the writing here, I started some things here. I thought I’d post a link or a few to over there. So here they are:

A link to the main archive page

The Stories themselves

Part the First: Unto The Realms, A Child

A Birth, A Death, an Argument and a Visitation
Meetings and Mentors
Hatred, Anger and Strife
The Testing

Part the Second: The Education Of A Harper

Justice in Archenfel
Hunting Bandits
Shadow to Shadow.
Those Who Harp.
Into the Darkness.
To the West

Part the Third: Dark Souls and Corrupted Blood

Arabel, Part I: Lay of the Land
Arabel, Part II: In Their Hands.
Arabel, Part III: Black, Purple and Silver
Arabel, Part IV: Virtue and Sin

Unlikely Allies and Unpleasant Friends (in progress)

Black Sunset
Stepping into the Shadows/
A Diversion, Then Unto The Swamps
The Vast Swamp

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